Which students are eligible to become candidates of LM-UMatch?
As a general rule, we are happy to meet with students at all grade levels and majors.  Our openings and placements change frequently as our company clients have different hiring requests throughout the year.  Most of our internship hiring requests are looking for Juniors or Seniors that have some working or internship experience, as well as a strong preference towards their major.

Who are LM-UMatch client companies?
We work with companies in many different industries, from small startups to large, publicly traded companies.  Our client mix continues to grow as LM-UMatch is building our profile in the business community.  The majority of our client companies have Los Angeles based locations, preferably close enough to campus to make in convenient for students to find internship employment during the school year.

Is there a charge to companies to work with LM-UMatch to help locate qualified student interns?
There is no charge to our client companies.  We look at this service as valuable addition to your current intern hiring process.  Our Student Recruiters gain valuable experience in learning about recruiting, interviewing, and new industries.  Our fellow Loyola Marymount University classmates that are part of our candidate database get an additional resource to help them find a great internship, and companies have a Student Recruiter representative actively recruiting for them!  In our eyes...everyone wins!

How would I get started if I wanted to work with LM-UMatch?
If you are a student that is interested in being placed by an LM-UMatch Student Recruiter, the first step will be to email your resume along with your preferred areas of interest, and availability to  You will be contacted by one of our Student Recruiters requesting an in-person interview.  Students must meet with a Student Recruiter in order to be submitted to one of our client openings.

If you are a company looking to hire student Interns, you can contact us at, or find us on LinkedIn and post a note about your opening.  One of our Student Recruiters will follow up to make sure we have your full internship details, as well as learn more about your hiring process.

We look forward to hearing from you!