Here are just some of our great student candidates ready to fill current internships and future regular positions:


Ceceli – Senior Marketing Major

Ceceli is looking to continue to expand her experience in the marketing/advertising field with a spring internship at a reputable agency.  Ceceli has experience working two marketing & account management internships at well-known companies in L.A., and is also part of the prestigious M-School Institute of Marketing at LMU.  She has specific experience with SalesForce, iMovie, and Social Media platforms, and has specific experience working on company monthly newsletters.

Elizabeth – Dual  Major with a focus on Music Industry

Senior dual major of Communications & Fine Arts, with a passion for working in music.  She’s pursuing internships & career involving new media, marketing, and music. Elizabeth has experience interning at three major music labels in the Los Angeles area!  She most recently works as an Influencer at a major record label where she creates content in order to promote clients’s latest album, track or tour. Elizabeth has been the Events Director for her Sorority, and has strong computer skills.

Gabriel – Applied Information Systems Major

Strong technical experience highlight’s Gabriel’s background, including experience with Java, Javascript, Python, and more.  Gabriel has awarded “Best App Design” at a recent Hackathon, and has internship experience doing IT Support at the corporate headquarters of a major restaurant chain.  He speaks English, Spanish, and some Japanese.

Haylee - Sophomore Film and Television Production major

Haylee has an interest in social media production, short films, television shows, and everything media-based. She has experience in all aspects of production, from script-writing to editing, as well as an eye for marketability.  She is fluent in the settings of DSLR cameras, and savvy in the post-production software Adobe Premiere Pro.

Maddy - Senior Film Production Major with an emphasis on Post-Production, Animation/Screenwriting Minor

Maddy is seeking internships and career options involving video editing. She currently interns in the post-production I/O department at IMAX, and she previously interned at Wayfarer Entertainment, where she had significant editing responsibilities. She has cut dozens of short films/music videos through freelance partnerships and currently edits for documentary/music video director Marcus Haney. She has experience with the Adobe Suite, Avid Media Composer, Davinci Resolve, and ProTools.

Jonathan  - Senior B.S Economics Major and Business Administration Minor with an interest in Human Resources  

Fascinated by the science of hiring and company culture, Jonathan seeks to expand his experience in the human resources field with a spring internship. He has held two HR and recruiting internships in the accounting, finance, and sales industries. An on-campus leader, Jonathan also serves as a Peer Advisor at the university career center and a Student Recruiter for LM-U Match. He is fluent in English and Mandarin.

Aisea-Junior Finance Major

Experienced candidate that has held internships in marketing, human resources, and event planning in various industries; including fashion and convenience store management, currently working in hospitality.  Our candidate is looking to grow in her experience in the business industry, notably finance, and actively seeking a spring internship opportunity.  

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