Here are just some of our great student candidates ready to fill current internships and future regular positions:


Tomas, Junior Accounting and Finance Double Major

Tomas has a strong international business experience along with several internships at reputable accounting and finance firms.  Tomas’ goal is to find an accounting internship in the L.A. area where he can continue to grow his skills throughout the summer.  Tomas’ volunteer work and service experience make him an exceptional candidate for a company looking for a responsible & mature intern.

Sarah, Junior Marketing Major

Sarah has internship experience execuiting social media marketing plans across several industries.  Along with her internship experience, Sarah has also worked in event operations, and looks to parlay her experience in both events and marketing in her next marketing or social media internship.  She is available 40 hours a week this summer.

Christian, Junior Finance Major

Christian is interviewing for a summer internship.  His background includes internships at a financial advisement firm as well as a well-known property management company where he worked closely with a real estate investor.  Christian’s ideal internship would be with a company looking to utilize his skills in a way that he can contribute to the organization.

Lindsay, Junior Marketing Major

Lindsay has a specific focus on exploring a career in recruiting/human resources.  She’s gained experience through a marketing and recruiting internship at ROAR Studios LA, and has experience as a business intern at a recent winery.  Lindsay is an active member of our LM-UMatch student recruiting group, and would love to continue to grow the recruiting skills she’s learned throughout class.

Molly, Junior Communications Major

Molly has a strong interest in talent acquisition.  She has past experience working at a fast-growing technology company as a talent sourcing intern, managing applicants throughout the interview process.  She has past experience as an editorial intern at a magazine, and is active on campus through several student organizations.

Kyle, Junior Management Major

Kyle has a strong interest in human recourses, finance and operations. He has internship experience sales, HR, marketing, recruiting and project management. Kyle is an active member of LM-UMatch on our candidate team as well as our website manager and is looking to continue to gain diverse experience within his work experiences.

Deirdre Leigh, Senior Entrepreneurship Major

Deirdre Leigh has a background in research, fundraising management and operations. She is a Rising Star Award recipient and was elected by the entrepreneurship department to attend the 2016 CEO Conference. Deirdre Leigh is looking for something that will connect with her entrepreneurship spirit and provide her more experience into the business world.