Here are just some of our great student candidates ready to fill current internships and future regular positions:


Katherine — Senior Marketing Major and Media Studies Minor

Katherine is looking to continue growing her experience in the marketing and communications field. Her background includes researching and compiling media reports, along with designing and managing research campaigns. Katherine takes pride in being a founding member of her sorority at LMU, and is looking to take that commitment to any internship she may find.

Lizzie — Junior Communications and English Double Major

Lizzie is interviewing for a spring internship. She continues to develop her passion for writing through holding internships with university blogs and taking part of a marketing team to promote a newly published book. Lizzie is now the creator of her own blog and is looking to find an internship in marketing/digital marketing or copywriting.

James — Junior Finance Major

James has strong leadership qualities and a passion for finance. He has gained experience managing a budget for LMU’s student housing, and holds a position as head of operations for LMU’s Finance Society. James would love to continue to grow is financial literacy outside of LMU.

Caroline — Senior Management Major

Caroline’s internship experience as both a legal and business development intern has tuned her business acumen. She plans on attending law school upon graduation to pursue a career in media and entertainment law. Caroline has expressed her interests by interning at the Producers Guild of America, and is looking to gain more experience within the entertainment industry.

Joe — Senior Multimedia and Studio Arts Major

Joe has had multiple business development and marketing internships, and recently finished up a marketing internship for a major concert promoting company where he specialized in digital graphics and social media campaigns. Joe’s rare combination of business development and multimedia experience make him a strong candidate with a wide variety of skills.

Rachel — Senior Management Major

Rachel has gained management experience through being the business manager of the on-campus newspaper The Loyolan. Rachel also works as a recruiter for LM-U Match and has held multiple accounting positions for small businesses. Her experience and passion for management make her an excellent candidate for any HR or management internship.


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